About GREEN Guerrilla Marketing

Popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson since 1984, Guerrilla Marketing is the idea of being nimble in our thinking and actions, seizing opportunities that are not open to big, cumbersome organizations that lack the agility to move fast. Traditional marketing approaches are too-often based on intrusive “push” marketing and expensive advertising, rather than the cheaper, more efficient, and easier Guerrilla approaches of building relationships with influencers who will open new markets, being there and findable when customers look for what you offer, and letting customers nonintrusively “pull” themselves to you.

Green Guerrilla Marketing, developed by Shel Horowitz, takes it a step farther: as consumers become more aware of issues like climate change, buying local, etc., they want to patronize companies that understand that. The new book shows a whole lot of ways to use Green principles and commitment to ethics in order to place your company front and center in the prospect’s mind, so when that prospect is ready to become a customer, you’re the company that gets seen as Green, concerned about doing the right thing, and you are well-positioned to get the sale.