Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Joint Venture Invitation

An Exciting Joint Venture Where You Can Make Money AND Help the World

Hi, there, and thanks so much for visiting.Im Shel Horowitz, award-winning author of six marketing books. Please take five minutes to read this page—learn how you could

  • increase your subscriber/fan base
  • connect with a charity
  • and enable your own readers and social media contacts to implement a creative and empowering approach to business: increasing profit by doing the right thing.

Is saving the planet compatible with running a successful business? Yes! Not only is it possible to run a profitable Green business, it’s actually easier. But to do this, and do it the right way, business owners need guidance. You’re about to learn how you can profit by supplying the road maps you need, and making the world better in the process.

This year, John Wiley & Sons published my eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson)a . Im inviting you to be a partner on this exciting journey.

The way I got into marketing in the first place was out of a desire to make the world better—my original training was in doing marketing for various grassroots social change and environmental campaigns. Every book Ive ever done has had that goal in mind—and with this new book, the environmental and social change aspects are a lot more open and direct.

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green actually shows business owners (step by step and with lots of examples) how to:

  • slash marketing costs
  • boost response
  • become more Green
  • win fans as they learn the right ways to tell their Green story to the world

It’s different from all the earlier Guerrilla Marketing books in its emphasis on cleaning up the world through the power of business.

Whats In It For You? Why Should You Share This Book With Your Network?

In a moment, I’ll give you some specifics about the life-changing ideas and practical suggestions in this award-winning book. But first, let me take a minute to explain the campaign, and what’s in it for you. (If you can’t wait, just scroll down to “About The Book,” then come back here.)

This book could really make a major difference in the way people think about business. I know my earlier book Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First has changed lives, and this book not only expands and amplifies those powerful concepts under a specifically eco-friendly lens, its also going to reach a lot more people because it has the support and power not only of my personal network, but also the resources of both a big NYC publisher (John Wiley & Sons) and my superstar co-author, Mr. Guerrilla Marketing himself, Jay Conrad Levinson—the man who brought us not only all the Guerrilla Marketing books but also Uniteds Friendly Skies, Allstates Good Hands, and even the Marlboro Man. This ability to reach and leverage a larger audience is proving itself; nearly 3000 copies were sold in the first six weeks (far more than any of my previous books). And then, Wiley partnered with in late April to offer the book at a special price around Earth Day, and it went all the way to #1 for environmental books during the promotion.

And practicing the win-win principles laid out in the book, Ive set up a system that lets you benefit as I benefit:

New Subscribers and Fans

Were expecting that hundreds of thousands of people will be exposed to this campaign. Some portion of those people will join your own list, because you will provide a launch bonus that will funnel visitors back to you—and every person who has already registered their purchase or who registers in the future will be notified of your bonus.

Anyone who visits the site or who has previously registered a book purchase gets to see your bonus offering, and you can use your bonus to gain subscriptions, offer a lead generation piece, or whatever you like (subject to approval, which means no promotion of porn, hate speech/bigotry, weapons, tobacco or nuclear power/eco-unfriendly or unethical practices).

New Content for Your Website, Blog, E-Zine, and/or Newsletter

Shel is willing to do an interview, provide an excerpt from the book, or give you an article you can use in any of your sites/publications, provided you attribute it appropriately.

How You Can Participate in Two Easy Steps

Submit Your Bonus
Please take three to ten minutes and click the Submit a Bonus link. Its actually very simple: you submit a bonus (a downloadable report, an e-book, a game, a software utility—anything that can be distributed over the Internet) and fill out the simple form. Then your bonus becomes part of the package people get when they buy the book.

Promote the Book
let your own tribe know about the book and all the bonuses. Its easy. We have copy all ready to send you, promoting the book and the bonuses. You can send a solo mailing to your list (will convert the best!) or just include a smaller announcement within your regularly scheduled newsletter. We can also provide ready-to-go Tweets. For both Tweets and mailings, youre welcome to either use as is, or tweak to fit your personality and your list.

Charity Tie-In—Help the World!

A portion of the first months book sales were donated to Green America, which describes itself as the nations leading green economy organization, helping people and businesses everywhere make the shift to a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy. Green Americas programs guide consumers to find and make green choices, help green businesses emerge and thrive, tackle climate change, build fair trading systems, and demand corporate accountability. At Green America, green always mean social and economic justice people AND the planet. Were delighted to report that this campaign raised $1096.50 for this very worthy organization.

While that promotion is over, I’d encourage you to work out a charity tie-in for your own participation in this campaign. It doesn’t have to be money; there are many other ways to help good organizations. Both Jay and I are long-time advocates of partnering with nonprofits whose values align with our work. So you and your fans can both feel great about doing something for the world, even as you do something for yourselves.

About the Book

Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet is a book that may redefine a lot of peoples ideas about how business works. A few of my favorite heresies:

  • Making your business really, truly Green may actually slash costs and provide a powerful hot button leverage point for your marketing—but faking a Green commitment (greenwashing) could actually destroy what youve worked so hard to build
  • Using the relationships you already have (and easily developing powerful new relationships), you can create strategic partnerships that bring you directly in front of new key audiences, at little or no cost—even competitors can be part of your success!
  • When you treat the prospect as intelligent, base your business on ethics, and actually anticipate your prospects needs, your growth can be exponential—but if you use old-style interruption-oriented marketing that insults your prospects, youre writing a recipe for failure
  • The conversations you create and the experiences people have with your organization (in the real world, on social media, and elsewhere) are more important than any amount of traditional branding or advertising.

No wonder this book went to press with more than 50 endorsements, including some of the top marketers in the world (theyre all posted here, if you want to look).

No wonder Italian rights were sold even before the book was published, and Turkish and audio rights were sold shortly after publication.

And no wonder every review posted on Amazon has gotten five stars.

Participate in the Promotion!

Wiley is treating this as a big book, and we want to match their expectation. By partnering with you and others, our goal was to make *five million people* aware of the book during the launch. During the first phase, an exact-match Google search for Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green already yielded well more than a million hits—which means that we would have had to average only five readers for each mention to make that goal. And since some of those pages were pretty high traffic, this may be a conservative estimate. And we’re continuing to promote very actively.

Im asking you to submit a bonus, and to let your own tribe know about the book and all the bonuses . Its easy. We have copy all ready to send you, promoting the book and the bonuses, and then a later mailing you can also send specifically promoting the Club membership. We can also provide ready-to-go Tweets. For both Tweets and mailings, youre welcome to either use as is, or tweak to fit your personality and your list.

May I personally invite you to participate?

When you submit a bonus, Ill supply you with both a stand-alone mailing and a short paragraph you can pop into a newsletter, e-zine, printed publication, and/or blog. Obviously, wed prefer the solo mailing. Itll work better for you, and better for us. But its fine to do the short inclusion instead.

As I mentioned earlier, Ive collected a wide assortment of bonuses to promote the launch, and everyone offering a bonus is also mailing their own list. So readers of all the lists could be exposed to a freebie from you, which you can then convert to ongoing contact (for instance, by having them subscribe to your newsletter in order to get the gift). And every single person who has registered a purchase of the book with us, even if it was some time back, will get an updated list of all the bonuses.

Can we count you in? Just fill out the simple form to let us know the details of your bonus, what content youd like from me, and how many people youll reach. (Within each category, bonuses will be listed in order of receipt, so the sooner you respond, the better placement you receive.) And once again, thanks. 😎