Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

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IMPORTANT: Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup series), Jim Hightower populist organizer and speaker, best-selling author of many books, and former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Robert B. Reich (former US Secretary of Labor), Anne Holland (founding publisher of Ken Evoy (founder of sitesell/com and, and several other prominent people endorsed the original, self-published version, Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First, but did not respond to requests to update their endorsements. Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla Marketing, also endorsed the original book; as a co-author of the current book, obviously, he didnt provide a blurb this time. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green contains approximately 98 percent of Principled Profit, and also adds more than 20,000 words of new material. To read those endorsements of Principled Profit, please click here.

As soon as I opened Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits & Your Planet, by Jay Conrad Levinson & Shel Horowitz, with Forward by Stephen M.R. Covey, I dove in. You should see my book, now! Underlines, notes in the margins, dog-eared pages! This is my new working-manual, and I’ve added it to booklists that I contribute to and recommended it to EVERY business owner I know and have made recommendations to colleges to use it as a text in their Professional Practices courses. It’s not just a book about marketing, but a description of the ethics-based Sustainable Business model.”
—Susan Davis, Host/Producer, Good and Green Radio

“The tools that wire the social web are perfect for driving interest and action around sustainability. Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz have a clever blend of ideas, recipes, and thoughts for the future. Their ideas might just become your blueprint, if you want to see the successful greening of the world.”
—Chris Brogan, co-author, Trust Agents,

“In a world filled with shameless self-promoters and hype-filled hucksters, Shel Horowitz and Jay Conrad Levinson stand out as honest, ethical marketers. I like the clear, high-content, value-based, forthright approach to selling with integrity they teach in Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and from experience, I know their ideas can generate highly profitable results.”
—Bob Bly, master copywriter and author of numerous books on writing as a business

“A wonderful combination of guerrilla marketing chockfull of practical green marketing tips and first hand advice from two pros.”
—Jacquelyn Ottman, Author of Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green proves marketing and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz demonstrate how you can build a better business based on ethical, Green and value-centered principles.”
—Michael Port, New York Times bestselling author of The Think Big Manifesto,

“Green marketing is here for good. This book will show you how to market, influence others and resonate with the times. The advice is simple and the premise is compelling – read this and join the 21st century.”
—Tim Sanders, author of Saving The World At Work, Love is the Killer App, etc.

“One of my ’Joynerisms’ goes like this: ’The second best form of marketing is superb Customer Service. The first is Word of Mouth. You don’t have one without the other.’ Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green shows you step by step how to integrate that kind of thinking into your business. It’s not just the ’right’ way to do business. It’s the better way. On retrospect, Jay and Shel should have named their book, ‘The One and Only Way to Get the Most Profit Possible from Your Business.’
—Mark Joyner, #1 Best Selling author of The Irresistible Offer, The Great Formula, and Simpleology

“In Jay Levinson’ and Shel Horowitz’s world, people do matter. The book combines the best of marketing and relationship theory with real-world examples and practical advice to create a winning, inspirational package. If we all adopted their advice to create value for others in everything that we do, the world would be a better place.”
—Melanie Rigney, Former Editor, Writer’s Digest magazine/Editorial Director, Writer’s Digest Trade Books

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is a clear call to action and a magnificent mandate for the rewards of our better nature. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz enlighten you with a bright new world and give you a clear manifesto for feeling good about yourself as you reap bigger profits and create a better, more ethical place to live and work in. This book will IMPACT!”
—Ken McArthur, Best-Selling Author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World, and founder of

“As consumers use their own guerilla techniques to hold companies accountable, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green levels the playing field, a playbook for companies that want to succeed in a world where integrity and transparency trump slick slogans. This is a gem that should be required reading—not just for so-called green marketers, but for any marketer who wants to succeed in today’s economy, and tomorrow’s.”
— Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author, Strategies for the Green Economy”

“Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz have always been known for their nothing held back, non-traditional, straight-shooting, and creative solutions to some of the most perplexing problems that plague entrepreneurs today. They’re not just authors, they’re entrepreneurs, so they know from where they speak!”
—Azriela Jaffe, journalist, college English professor, and author of fifteen books

“Creating socially responsible businesses is not only a good thing to do, but it will give you company a unique competitive advantage. And Guerilla Marketing Goes Green shows you how to do that. This book will give you dozens of new and fresh green ideas about how to not only market your business responsibility, but beat the pants off your competitors.”
—David Frey, Author, The Small Business Marketing Bible, President,

“An exceptional and well-researched book that is totally in line with the way I have done business in the last 35 years. I urge every business owner, every speaker, and every serious student of marketing or psychology to buy it.”
—Tom Antion, Small Business Internet Marketing Expert

“When I was writing the e-book manifesto, The Next Evolution of Business, I researched the ways that ethical businesses were out-earning their greedy competitors: a powerful reason to be the good guy that cannot be ignored. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz are absolutely right to point out how ethical, eco-friendly businesses can actually gain the advantage and create massive ethical success. As an entrepreneurship strategist and speaker, I’m proud to be an ethical business owner who puts people before profits. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green shows you how you can be one, too.”
—Stefanie Hartman, The Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend,

“This book should be required reading, not only in the hallowed halls of corporate America or in the MBA classes at top universities, but by everyone, everywhere. ’Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green’ takes us on a journey of responsibility, values and hope and shows us, in a simple, yet profound manner that we have an unprecedented opportunity and sacred duty to leave this world a much better place than we found it. Future generations will be grateful that Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz were courageous enough to share such important information with us.”
—John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”

“In the aftermath of the Enron, Global Crossing and Worldcom disasters, no message could be more timely than Jay Conrad Levinson’s and Shel Horowitz’s. In the long run, only an ethical approach to marketing works.”
—Al Ries, author of several best-selling marketing books

“Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz have got it right. No business can go it alone today. There’s far more to gain by teaming up with competitors than ignoring their existence or bad-mouthing them. The bigger the competitor you team up with, the greater the chance that you’ll end up with some of the business they can’t handle. There is a halo effect from hanging around with the best people in your field. Try it!”
—B.L. Ochman, Internet Marketing strategist, publisher, What’s Next Blog,

“Do you want your ideal prospects seeking you out, willingly listening to your sales presentation, and talking themselves into doing business with you? Or would you rather keep shouting into the noisy bedlam that today’s world of ’conventional’ marketing has become?
“Shel Horowitz has teamed up with Jay Conrad Levinson to create a masterpiece. Guerilla Marketing Goes Green is a guidebook on ethical marketing, from two experts with the highest standards and values in the industry.
“To many business owners, values, trust, morals, integrity and ethics are little more than buzz words. Shel and Jay show how they can become cornerstones holding up your business—and ensuring survival in tough times.
“The Golden Rule was never better illustrated than in this exquisite guide on value and ethics in business today. And learning about the ‘Magic Triangle’ of quality, integrity and honesty will completely revamp and revolutionize the way you think about business success!
“Today, value addition involves tapping into a global trend towards embracing ’green’ practices that preserve natural resources. Discover how to marry ’green’ to ’marketing’ in this interesting, insightful and intensely thought provoking book.
“In the end, this is not merely a book about business tactics, but one that’s about mindset change and adopting a philosophy of abundance, generosity and compassion towards your audience—creating a business that fulfills needs and adds value.”
—Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian, Author, Think, Write & Retire,

“This book is a remarkable ’breath of fresh air’ on how to perfect ’the better way.’ A practical method of building profitable relationships in an often noisy, confused world.
“Repeatedly, and in different ways, throughout this book, you actually demonstrate with a generous mix of insight and proven examples, how ’dog-eat-dog’ marketing simply isn’t necessary; how ethical marketing is not only easier to implement but far more effective! How honesty, integrity, trust and quality are natural partners that are more likely to lead to long term growth, with minimal effort and less waste; how applying green thinking and treading more lightly on the Earth we can bring unexpected richer rewards; and more, much more!
“That’s why, without doubt, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz, gets my highest recommendation. It’s an excellent, desktop reference resource that can help keep you grounded and focused in the right direction, especially in times of doubt, turmoil and massive change.”
—Brian Austin MISTC,

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green not only backs up everything it says with well-established facts and figures so you finish the book thoroughly convinced Jay and Shel are telling you the absolute truth, it also opens your mind to endless possibilities around marketing your business. Even for the most veteran of marketers, Jay and Shel´s collaboration will put more money in your pocket and a new spin on your business while making the world a better place.”
—Jan Janzen, Author of Devil with a Briefcase: 101 Success Secrets for the Spiritual Entrepreneur and Getting Off the Merry-Go-Round: How to Create the Life You Want Without the Fear, Doubt and Guilt,

“At last, bold, usable approaches that fly in the face of traditional and sometimes unethical business wisdom. Chock-full of creative yet shrewd ideas for marketing successfully in the new millennium.”
—Brian Jud, author, Speaker, Marketing Strategist

“Combining a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility with a powerful grounding in business ethics, Levinson and Horowitz provide an amazingly useful and powerful success toolkit for turning your values into business value. As Jay and Shel have emphasized all along their brilliant book, always remember you help the world best when you’re helping others to change. And the way you do that is by basing your business on a solid foundation of three principles: Quality, Integrity, Honesty:
“Quality: Provide the best value you can.

“Integrity: Run your business in alignment with your core values; don’t try to be something you’re not.
“Honesty: Value the truth and be eager to share it with your prospects and customers.
“As the founder of INSE, the world’s largest online community of socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs with 8,800+ members on five continents, I will eagerly recommend it.”
—Christophe Poizat, Founder/President & CEO of International Network of Social Entrepreneurs, Inc.,

“Must you be ruthless in your quest for profits to be a successful business owner? Shel Horowitz and Jay Conrad Levinson explain, through examples, personal experience, and great advice, how to be highly successful and still sleep at night. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is a jewel of a book.”
—Lorilyn Bailey, CEO,

“When it comes to finding your voice online or offline, it takes much more than transparency and authenticity. It takes connectivity and inspiration. Jay and Shel are no strangers to helping brands and entrepreneurs build creative and effective channels to reach and attract customers. Now they’re helping businesses increase profitability through green and eco-friendly strategies and services that also benefit our environment. Go green or go home!”
—Brian Solis, authority on emerging media, blogger at PR 2.0, and co-author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations and Now is Gone

“Why are mailboxes and email boxes full of unwanted sales pitches? Packaging needs to be less wasteful—why are landfills full of old packaging? Why is it necessary to damage the environment in order to make energy-inefficient products that will break and be disposed of in a year or two? This book is the first to really tackle green marketing head on, and it’s more than high time. I wholeheartedly recommend it as bedtime reading for every executive, marketer, and consumer. We’re all part of the green marketing solution if we choose to be!”
—Alex Hiam, author, Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition,

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green offers refreshing marketing techniques for today’s disheartening economic and environmental conditions. The book focuses on the importance of maintaining ethical standards, building relationships and providing quality services. It is filled with interesting and applicable tips, personal stories and examples. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed in marketing and life!”
—Melanie Rembrandt, owner, Rembrandt Communications, ®,

“You are the way you are for a reason. Ever wondered why you’re in the business you’re in? Why you’re interested in the things you do? It’s because you have a unique place in the world—one which nobody else can take, not even your closest competitor!
“In this book, Shel Horowitz and Jay Levinson paint a picture of a business world populated by real human beings—genuine caring people who’ve discovered their competitors are really collaborators; and their threats are really opportunities. People who’ve learnt to do well while doing good. Sound too ’out there’? Jay and Shel put legs on the ideals and give examples of how ordinary business owners around the world are discovering just how effective the Golden Rule really is in their business and personal life.”
—Simon Young, Cofounder/Catalyst iJump,

“Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz have a knack for giving the reader useful tools and comprehensive understanding. They write about what they know, and what they know—firsthand, from their own passions and everyday practice—is how to market goods, services, ideas and perspectives. Their marketing is always lean but not mean, face to face without being in your face, and more memorable than the competitor, who spends too much casting wasted seed on unprepared soil. The marketeer who wants to succeed without losing identity and integrity will learn a lot from what Shel Horowitz and Jay Levinson have to share.”
—Ira Bryck, Director, University of Massachusetts Family Business Center

“Overflowing with creative, innovative and fun ideas to help you market yourself, your products and services inexpensively, effectively and ethically. More importantly, Jay and Shel present an underlying philosophy that you can take to all areas of your life that demonstrates repeatedly how pertinent and valuable this approach is to doing business in the 21st century. As the co-owner of a company that doesn’t actually sell product directly I still found these ideas worthwhile and useable. There are lots of anecdotes here and concrete examples too—it’s easy to see how you can make Jay and Shel’s techniques work for you.”
—Susan Z. Martin, Where Can I Buy A Car Online,

“As a marketing consultant, copywriter and merchandiser, I know firsthand, (1) that a profitable long term business hinges on strong customer relationships and repeat business, and (2) how much harder it is to develop a new customer than to please an existing one. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz’s innovative new book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, takes this concept well beyond customer satisfaction. Jay and Shel show you HOW to build mutually beneficial and profitable relationships not only with customers, but with employees, suppliers, and even competitors. This partnership approach is both powerful and profitable. A terrific and long-overdue book.”
—Eric Gelb, MBA & CPA, author, Book Promotion Made Easy and Editor, Publishing Gold E-zine

“Very wise words from very wise men. Shel and Jay are seasoned marketing pros who not only talk the talk, but walk the walkof principled profit. Their brilliance shine through and their methods will not only help you to make lots of money, but to feel great while doing so. And that, in essence, is free enterprise—that the money you make is directly proportionate to how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
“Follow the advice of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green. Your current customers, your new customers, and your bank account will be richer for it.”
—Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals, co-author, The Go-Giver

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is a course in marketing for mensches. Stop wallowing in the sleazy world of big business and learn how doing the right thing will actually improve your bottom line! Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is the wave of the future. Books on ethical marketing, like this one, are sorely needed in today’s world. Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz’s Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is a winner—and one of the best books on the topic of ethical marketing that I’ve seen. Buy it for your CEO.”
—Fern Reiss, Director,

“The essential key to marketing is making friends, creating relationships. Shel Horowitz is my friend (as well as my competitor). I wish him and Jay well. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the new way of doing business and doing it well.”
—John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

“Jay and Shel have nailed it. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green shows that you can succeed in business without sacrificing your ideals. This should be required reading in business schools so that we can avoid another headline-grabbing avalanche of corporate misdeeds.”
—Harry Hoover, managing principal, Hoover ink PR

“Ultimately, your customers decide whether or not your business succeeds. Use the principles in Jay and Shel’s book to infuse your marketing strategy with honesty and respect, and you’ll be rewarded with loyal, relationship-based customers that bring you continual—and increasing—profits.”
—Susan Carter, Small Business Operations Consultant and author of How To Make Your Business Run Without You

“An excellent look at traditional marketing strategies from a unique new angle; that of ensuring customer wants and needs are fully met in the framework of ’doing onto others as we would have them do unto us.’ Kudos to Levinson and Horowitz for their latest work—eminently readable and full of real-world examples that not only will instruct but also will inspire the reader.”
—Steve Yankee, Writer-Consultant-Workshop Leader

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green dismisses ‘quick buck’ marketing strategies and presents the real secret for succeeding in today’s increasingly cynical marketplace: establishing long-term client and customer relationships built on trust, integrity and reciprocity.”
—Steven Van Yoder, author, Get Slightly Famous

“Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz’s marketing savvy—encapsulated within the confines of this content rich book—is the entrepreneur’s best friend and companion when it comes to taking action steps to fame.”
—Marisa D’Vari, President, Deg.Com Communications, author, Building Buzz

“PR LEADS grew to a six-figure company in less than 12 months by following ethical marketing practices, working with competitors, and following the other valuable concepts outlined in this indispensable book—and you can too!”
—Dan Janal, Founder, PR LEADS

“Great read! I’ve been involved in one aspect or another of the marketing industry since 1982. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz’s latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, is an example of the best in marketing advice.
“They have managed to put onto paper, clearly and succinctly, marketing principles that I’ve been using successfully for many years. In addition, their book has shown me a number of new ideas which take ethical, customer-oriented marketing to new levels.
“Shel and Jay, thanks for continuing to be clear lights in an often murky industry.”
—Keith Thirgood, Creative Director, Capstone Communications Group

“Marketing requires looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty in order for a kinetic exchange of ideas and relationships to perpetuate.”
—Karyn Zoldan, owner,

“The kings of frugal bootstrap marketing have made the case for putting people first. Which people? Clients. Prospects. The people you do business with.Business in this cyber-age, where computers talk to databases, and bots make lots of decisions—when intelligent machines are supposedly taking the place of thinking people, Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz remind us that it’s all about people. All about relationships. All about people dealing with people.
“But that’s just the beginning. Conventional Marketing Wisdom (how’s that for an oxymoron) says that critical mass requires 7 impressions within (depending on your product) anything from 18 months to just two weeks. But Shel and Jay place that hoary old shibboleth in its place—EVERY single marketing impression can be THE one that motivates the prospect to reach for that checkbook!
“But that’s not all—far from it. For example, forget about zero-sum marketing—you can win AND your competitor can win. In fact, Shel and Jay show you how, if you do it right, you can even turn your competitors into allies. Talk about radical!
“And in example after example, radical notion after radical notion, Jay and Shel don’t just make the assertion about something that challenges everything we thought we knew about marketing—they give readers chapter-and-verse examples that make the case for one simple concept after another that…well, could just revolutionize everything.
“As a long-time reader of both Jay Levinson’s and Shel Horowitz’s previous books, I have to keep wondering why I’m surprised to see such a remarkable collection of wisdom-busting innovative ideas, all in one place. The answer is simple: Their slap-on-the-side-of-the-head ideas are so at odds to what you learned in marketing school (or in the marketing school of hard-knocks) that they always surprise, always reward. Always gives you more than you paid for, more than you expected…BUT NEVER more than you really need to know in order to succeed.”
—Ned Barnett, APR, CEO, Barnett Marketing Communications, author of nine books on PR, advertising and marketing

“In today’s climate of corporate scandal and public cynicism, Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz provide a deep breath of fresh air. They show, on every page, that not only is it possible to succeed by appealing to the good side of human nature, but that the resulting success is easier to achieve and more satisfying, far outdistancing the outcome of ‘take-the-money-and-run’ approaches. People need to know that doing the right thing not only feels good, it works. This book communicates that message without preaching it.
“Levinson and Horowitz’s well-documented real-life examples provide a framework for ethical, successful marketing. It’s well written, so it’s easy to read, not something that can be said of many such books. Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green should be required reading in every marketing class.”
—Mary Westheimer, Founding President,

“It’s about time someone wrote a book about the way things REALLY work at the values and ethical level in the marketplace. Yes, there are scandals and scoundrels in business. But they’re truly in the minority. Because the people who last the people with whom others most want to do business the people who set the pace for the rest are quietly and consistently principled individuals operating in a basically decent way. This book spells out what those people are doing and why it’s to your advantage to follow their lead.”
—David Garfinkel, Publisher, World Copywriting Blog,

“Do you believe that marketing means doing anything to get the sale and do in your competition? Shel Horowitz and Jay Levinson disagree, and in this book they show how putting people first can make you a marketing success.
“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green says that nice guys don’t finish last. Honesty, integrity and quality are keys to building a successful business with repeat customers. According to Shel and Jay, ‘Too many businesses see marketing as a weapon of war. They think that to succeed, they have to climb over their competitors, fool their customers, and herd their employees into constricted conformity. We think that’s just plain wrong’
“Form partnerships with customers, employees, suppliers and even your competitorsthey will become a marketing force for you Taking on customers you can serve well, networking and forming alliances with complementary companies and competitors, being honest in your copywriting and advertising, and treating those you deal with the way you would like to be treated.
“Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz are highly-respected copywriters and marketing experts, and both the “how-to” and the philosophy in this book make it clear why.”
—Cathy Stucker,

“Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green helps the reader understand that most aspects of business growth are not based on a zero-sum game. Your gaining of market share doesn’t necessarily mean loss of market share for your competitors. Many entrepreneurs never realize this and therefore stoop to unethical methods in order to surpass (some hope to destroy) others in their market niche. Jay and Shel help the reader, through easy to understand examples, learn techniques that yield a win-win solution for two or more business ventures This book makes a strong case for treating others as you wish to be treated. This approach helps the business owner enjoy his or her career rather than fretting that someone else might be ’eyeing their cheese.’ These are the types of principles—updated for today’s marketplace—that have built business leaders like Nordstrom’s, Avis, and Saturn. Study them, test them, reap your rewards, teach others the methods, and gain a greater enjoyment your career—and your life.”
—Jim Deitz, The Franchise Doctor

“This quotation particularly caught my eye: ‘Create value for others in everything you do. You help yourself best when you’re helping others.’
“That captures so succinctly my hopes for Gifts from the Heart. I wanted to create a book that had something new to say, and help fundraisers help themselves while we met our own objectives for the cancer society, while helping readers create a more caring holiday.
“I think our vision, which you sum up so beautifully, is the real reason that we have been able to sell 17,000 copies without a distributor or marketing budget. One of the unanticipated joys of this project, however, has been meeting customers who have become friends. I have penpals all over North America, who forward newsclippings and articles about people contributing in positive ways. I never expected that at all!
“You are absolutely right when you tell readers to develop good customer relations. And not just because you or I want to sell them something, but because we are increasingly in need of that connection in what seems to be a less-friendly world.”
—Virginia Brucker

“This is a refreshing, wonderful and practical book. Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz tell you that integrity is not naiveté and that you can stand up for what you believe in and still make a profit. I’d like to thank the author… Bravo!”
—Jeffrey Eisenberg, New York Times bestselling co-author of Waiting for Your Cat to Bark, Call to Action, and other books

“I’ve been reading through it slowly over the last week or so, and it all makes a whole lot of sense. I think you’ve got your finger on the next new wave of marketing…how you can do well for yourself by doing good for others.”
—Bobbi Chukran, Simple Pleasures Photography

“Each page of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green draws you toward the next. Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz masterfully blend conversational style with logical flow and unparalleled research. Their ethical, people-first message is the new paradigm in marketing. I’ll be referring to this book for years to come. Highly recommended.”
—Lee Godden, author of ZenWise Selling,

“True win/win marketing is the ideal everyone in business should strive for. Jay Levinson and Shel Horowitz’s Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green is the definitive book on the art and practice of win/win marketing. They show you how to create marketing that not only helps your own business, but by helping another business simply passes around success that enhances every business or situation it touches.
“Levinson and Horowitz not only practice what they preach, they live it. With true examples, they show how the system works for just about every business situation imaginable. They show that even helping your competition can help you help your own business.
“Practicing these principles bodes well for business, as well as in our personal lives. What a wonderful world this could be!
“Well recommended for anyone, not just business people, looking to make a positive mark in this world.”
—Kitty Werner, author, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Owning a Home; How to Care For, Maintain and Improve Your Home

“Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz are both the Johnny Appleseed and the Thomas Paine of ethical marketing. Their book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, is the ‘Common Sense’ for the 21st Century for those of us trying to make a better world for ourselves, our families, our communities, and indeed, the world. They show, step by step, how I can help myself and my business by helping every customer, client and contact around me.”
—TJ Walker, Media Training Worldwide,

“I not only like what Shel and Jay have to write, but also how they write as well, and can recommend this book wholeheartedly. Judging from the testimonials—including many well known people—everyone likes this bookThis is more than a be nice or feel good book, although it did make me feel good about being nice. It contains practical business advice.”
—Ted Demopoulos, co-author, Blogging for Business

“This is the book for the folks who think hate sleazy marketing, but need sales. You’ll learn how to make more sales, do good for the environment and the world and feel good about yourself and your efforts all at the same time. It gives specific, practical examples of people and organizations that are doing the things discussed, and talks about ways to adapt the techniques to a variety of situations.
“Don’t sabotage your company or your career by avoiding marketing. Buy this book and follow its advice. You’ll not only feel terrific about what you’re doing, you’ll help the world, your customers, your company and yourself. I’ve been using Shel’s techniques, with great results, since his earlier book, Principled Profit And if it works for me, it will work for anyone!
—Marion Gropen, CEO, Gropen Associates, Inc. and moderator of two publishing-industry discussion lists

“I’m impressed with this thoughtful approach to marketing. Every entrepreneur and marketer should read Jay and Shel’s book Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.”
—Patrick Byers, CEO, Outsource Marketing, Seattle/Responsible Marketing blog,

“This is the book for those of us looking for hard data to support our intuition. In case after case, Jay and Shel remind readers that yes, there is a better way to do business. Yes, it really works. And yes, each of us can make a difference.”
—Susan Tull, Vice President of Marketing,

“During the summer, I read your latest book, Guerrilla Marketing goes green. It’s really good. Thanks. I was on the beach, in Ricionne, Italy, with my family and it was a wonderful summer reading.
I really liked the Chapter 8 about abundance I completely understand what you mean. When you are in the abundance business model, you are always busy with enough work.
I also liked the triangle of expertise. I did not know about this, but I though it was really hands-on ideas for every kind of job: Find 3 related areas where you can sell your work, and the fuel the other ones.
Keep up the good work,
—Benjamin Saïman, France