Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

Table of Contents



If You’ve Already Read Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First

Introduction: Green Marketing Is a Mandate from Nature Jay Conrad Levinson

Preface: Tastes Great and Good for You Shel Horowitz


Chapter 1 Because People Matter

Chapter 2 Basic Concepts

The Road to Your Success: Providing Value to Others

Consumers Avoid Buying from—and Will Put Pressure On—Companies They Perceive to Be Unethical

Consumers Prefer to Buy from Companies That Support Their Social Agenda

Investors Have Shifted 13 Percent of All Investment Dollars into Socially Responsible Companies

Customers, Investors, and Workers Like This Approach

Chapter 3 Advantages of Doing the Right Thing

Why Responsible Companies Perform Better

Building Trust

Johnson & Johnson: A Lesson in Ethical Crisis PR

One Part of Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategic Giving

Not Just Corporate, but Personal Responsibility

Keys to Success…and Happiness

The Magic Triangle: Quality, Integrity, Honesty

Who Wins When You Market with Quality, Integrity, and Honesty?

How the Magic Triangle Positions You Better in a Tough Economy

Chapter 4 Marketing versus Adversarial Sales

Marketing Instead of Sales

But Wait—It Gets Worse

Chapter 5 Sales the Right Way

Three Wise Sales Strategies from the UMass Family Business Center—and One from Someone Else

When to Say No to a Sale

Chapter 6 Expand the Model Exponentially—by Making It Personal

John Kremer and Biological Marketing

Bob Burg and Winning without Intimidation

Networking That Works


Chapter 7 The New Marketing Matrix

Pull Versus Push

Practical Pulls

Chapter 8 Abundance versus Scarcity

The Old Scarcity Paradigm

The Prosperity Consciousness Paradigm—and Its Problems

The New Vision: Not Scarcity, Not Prosperity, But Abundance

The Abundance Model in Business

Chapter 9 Build Powerful Alliances—with Competitors, Too

Turn Your Competitors into Allies

You’ve Done the Hardest Part—Now, Network with Complementary Businesses

Social Proof—Turn Your Customers and Suppliers into Evangelists

It’s Not about Transactions, It’s about Relationships

Chapter 10 How the Abundance Paradigm Eliminates the Need to Dominate a Market and Allows You to Better Serve Your Customers

The Death of Market Share

Chapter 11 Exceptions: Are There Cases When Market Share Really Does Matter?

Major Media

Extremely Limited or Saturated Markets



Chapter 12 Some Real Loyalty Programs from Big Companies



Stop & Shop’s Two Promotions

Other Affinity Promotions

Chapter 13 Marketing Green

How You Benefit by Marketing Green

Packaging and Values

Local as Green

Global as Green

Using the Right Language

Don’t Get Stuck in the Greenwashing Swamp

Thriving as the Bar Is Raised


Chapter 14 Getting Noticed in the Noise and Clutter: A Brief Introduction to Effective Marketing Techniques

Honesty in Copywriting

Copywriting Basics

Chapter 15 Practical Tools for Effective Marketing

Media Publicity

Coverage in Do-It-Yourself Media

Twenty-FirstCentury Toolkit


Internet Discussion Groups and Social Networking Sites

Social Media Dos and Don’ts

User-Friendly Web Sites with Newsletters

Apparel and Premiums

Highly Targeted Advertising and Direct Mail

Guerrilla Gifting and Sampling

The Triangle of Expertise: Get Paid to Do Your Own Marketing

Chapter 16 Give the People What They Want

When Satisfaction Isn’t Enough

Companies That Get It

Shopping as Experience and Entertainment

Reputation Management in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 17 Marketing as Social Change, and Social Change as Marketing

Barbara Waugh, Corporate Revolutionary

Case Study: Save the Mountain

Chapter 18:Community-Focused and Charity/Social Change Marketing

Chapter 19 Taking the Concept beyond Marketing: Abundance and Sustainability in Businesses and in Society

Recap of Our Core Principles

What Could a Sustainable Future Look Like?

Making It Happen

Amory Lovins: Reinventing Human Enterprise for Sustainability

John Todd: Waste Streams into Fish Food

Profit by Thinking Like Lovins and Todd

A Social Movement around Business Ethics

Chapter 20 Abundance and Wealth Creation

Powerful Product Creation

Chapter 21 Resources

Web Links

More Help from Jay and Shel